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A dream about committing and/or viewing sex acts.
I had a sex dream that I was myself in my bedroom, naked and casually looking through my bookshelf. Suddenly I turn around and Lloyd Simcoe from Flashfoward (much too old for me) was there, horny and angry.

He held my wrists firmly and put a collar on me. I tried to escape, but he wouldn't fasten it until I stopped fighting him.

He sat on the edge of my bed, still holding on to me. I tried to rub my clitoris against the tip of his penis, but he slapped me. Then, he shoved my head down, leading me to kneel on the floor. I stared up nervously at his huge penis, knowing what I would have to do. I traced my tongue around the head, but soon he shoved it down my throat. I couldn't breathe. I sucked and hummed and eventually, he cummed. Then, I felt him slowly go limp, then hard again in my throat. He then tore himself out and, still giving me no way of escape, penetrated me on his hot penis.

He practically forced his way into me, then out, over and over, reverse cowgirl. It was unsatisfying for me, though he kept pushing me to continue until he cummed. He stayed impossibly hard inside me, and whenever I tried to get up he went into me so deeply that it was painful.
by GirlOne May 04, 2010
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An extremely awkward form of sex dream where the dream-partner in question is an ex-lover.

Unlike normal sex dreams involving your current partner, or a random friend/acquaintance, (s)ex dreams are disturbing because you KNOW what the sex with that person is like (and so the dream is more realistic), but have valid reasons why you are no longer with them.

General feelings upon waking include: feeling dirty and ashamed, horniness, guilt, nausea and confusion. These feelings are amplified if you found yourself enjoying the experience.

Even more awkward when you are in bed with your current partner and you have a (s)ex dream.
I had a (s)ex dream about my old girlfriend, Claire, but I woke up feeling really guilty because I was in bed with my wife.
by Kaname April 30, 2010
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