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A Baby, A toddler. When a couple has children, the child is their sex trophy.
Dude1: "Look at that girl, she's about to pop'
Dude2: "Yeah, she has a sex trophy baking in the oven"

by TheFiendishOne July 16, 2008
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The physical prize after sex. Some are better than others.
*son hits a home run*
"What a mighty fine sex trophy you have there Jeff"
"Why thank you john. He's a real gold"
by The FUPA king February 06, 2015
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Similar or same as Fuck Trophy. Most often the only way for a woman of lesser looks and IQ, and greater body fat percentage to actually convince her peers that she has had sex at least one time in her life. Sex trophies most often spotted: welfare office, Hostess Bakery Thrift store, county fairs, Hardees, rural Bars made from a house.
This fat ugly bitch was infront of me when I was gettin' Clint Black tickets, it wouldnt a been so bad if her stupid sex trophy wasnt cryin so loud.
by Paramecium July 25, 2004
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Sex Trophy:

A Man or Woman ; commonly, in a marriage of convenience, and meeting the scale quotient '10'.
Educated professional flirtatiously marketing self; available for sex trysts. Most often with another fellow sex trophy tryster.

The sex trophy will schedule active tryster's into their day often a week in advance, then schedule their work day accordingly around them. Choice's are the morning before work, during lunch time, and evenings after work or while at work, as sex is their priority. Weekends can be and are often in the mix as well.
Attempting to tag a sex trophy has pitfalls, especially if you are not a sex trophy by definition even if you meet '10' on your targets scale. You will know if you do, though, you will be easily made as not understanding the rules considering your target will see their stable of trophy's everyday throughout the day. You will not have much time to make your move, which is one of those rules.


Slow Office Receptionist to hottie Co-worker: "The boss has been at lunch for over two hours now!"
Hot Co-worker: "Oh, he has a new 'sex trophy' in his stable, I wouldn't expect him back today." Understandably, but under her breath, hot co-worker says, "I'll make him forget that bitch next Tuesday."
Slow Office Receptionist stil dosen't get it.
by Che'Mar July 25, 2009
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