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I looked out of the sex ed health class. We were learning about the different positions and how they simulate you. I looked at AJ. I was going to his house tonight.
When I got to his house he opened the door. He told me that his parents were gone and he wanted to give me the FULL tour. First he went to his room, and we used our knowledge of sex ed together...
by A-girl-someone-likes November 13, 2018
He is a cute, yet hot man. He is weak a work or school, but is strong in bed. He may be a nerd, but he is a perv! If you encounter one, he may have a lot of girls, and they may be competitive - oh yeah, so is he.
"AJ is so hot! I met him in a bed and the sex was great!"
by A-girl-someone-likes November 8, 2018