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In my opinion a subject that shouldn't be taught in school anymore. My reason for saying this is that all it is is a scare tactic that teaches a load of bullshit like condoms fail 90% of the time, and that if you have sex you will get an STD no matter what. Its just a scare tactic to scare people into living a life of abstinence(although there's nothing wrong with wanting to be abstinent.)
In my opinion when it comes to sex, it should be taught at home by parents to their children, because in all honesty, sex is a very personal and spiritual thing that shouldn't be taught through diagrams and false statistics.
We shouldn't have sex ed in school anymore because now, it's nothing but a huge scare tactic about STDs and Pregnancy. Instead sex should be taught at home by the parents. And listen parents, it may be easy to leave it up to the school to teach your children about sex, but it's better to do it at home, because you don't know who is teaching your kids, it could be a person who knows very little about it, a person who has a bad opinion of it, or even a complete pervert.
by Nathan575 August 3, 2008
Alright, the way I see it, this country really doesn't need too much gun control these days.
But I'm tired of liberals and conservatives bitching about it. See Liberals want everyone to beleive that all conservatives are just a bunch killers who want anyone to be able to own a gun, including little kids and criminals which is NOT TRUE! And Conservatives try to make people beleive that all Liberals are a bunch of constitution-hating, nazi-esque fascists that want to take away not just are 2nd amendment rights, but all of our rights guarenteed by the Bill Of Rights, which is NOT TRUE! Now i and most other people would agree that we should have a law that doesn't take away 2nd amendment rights from law-abiding citizens, but at the same time makes it near impossible for a criminal to get their hands on a gun.
Before conservatives start complaining about liberal agenda, and before liberals start complaining about Conservative Hate Culture, they should take the time out to see that most people are quite neutral when it comes to topics like gun control, or abortion, and most other controversial topics.
by Nathan575 July 17, 2008
those big generic, nauseating houses that you now see in suburbs. They're usually built by "home builders" and are put close together to increase profit for greedy land developers. They're very cheaply built and it probably took more time to ship in the equipment than it did to actually build the damn thing. On the outside they look like they are just patches of different incompatible architecture styles, and they usually look the same. THe yards are full of generic plants and bushes that the builders probably got from Wal-Mart. The walls are usually made of sheetrock and the backs of the "house" are less showy than their fronts.
Mcmansions have no real physical or historical value since they can barely last for one generation and they all look the same and are a piss stream's length away from the mcmansion next door.
Mcmansions tend to be bought by yuppies and soccer moms who just want to look like they're rich and don't care about actual physical or historical value.
Plus mcmansions contribute to urban sprawl which is bad for the environment since most of the new suburbs where these mcmansions exist were once rich farmland or irreplaceable woodland.
If you want a good example of a mcmansion, then if you're ever in Little Rock, go to Chenal Valley, It's nothing but mcmansions and soccer moms for miles.
by Nathan575 July 11, 2008
I don't care what any pinko says, this is definitely not the best way to run a government. All it does is insult human beings who actually work hard and it doesn't recognize our accomplishments or abilities.
The only reason why feminists, pinkos, and idealists like this idea is because it tries to make everyone equal by giving them all equal paychecks no matter how hard they work, and it forces the rich to pay for everything.
Here is why socialism will never work.
1. It forces the rich to pay for everything which is just stupid because,no matter how much money the rich have they will never have enough to pay for everything in the country. That is why almost all socialist countries have crappy health care and poorly built houses. Because the rich can pay for all of the medicine or all of the materials needed for the housing of everyone in a country. Plus when the rich go broke they can't pay for anything else.
2. It gives everyone equal pay, no matter how long or how hard a person works. This basically means that a doctor gets paid the same as a mcdonald's frycook. And a person who works for 9 hours will get paid the same as a person who works for 3 hours. Plus people aren't robots, they aren't going to work they're hardest for nothing. So basically if everyone got paid 15 dollars a day, no matter how hard they work, there's going to be alot of people who aren't going to work their hardest and as a result nothing is produced causing the entire nation to fall into poverty.

So now you see why socialism is bad. The only exception is China, and they're only rich because they force everyone to work and because we build all of our factories over there and buy all of our stuff from over there.
by Nathan575 August 12, 2008