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A serious condition in which the expulsions from your ass smell like sewer gas. This condition commonly occurs after eating ethnic foods, especially anything containing beans or broccoli. It is important to warn others of this condition before exposing them to it. Common symptoms of exposure include watery eyes, vomiting, and general disgust with the foul odor associated with this ailment.
John: "Whoa! That Indian buffet I had for lunch gave me some serious sewer ass!"

Rachel: "Oh my GOD! What is that smell? Will you please flush the toilet? I can't breathe through the smell of that nasty sewer ass!"

Frank: "Fair warning... I just farted and it appears that the bean burrito I ate has given me a bad case of sewer ass."
by The Giant Antelope February 26, 2012
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n : an ass that looks as though it could have been found in a sewer.

v : to file a lawsuit against a female
guy 1: So, what did you think of Stacy?
guy 2: She had a nice face, but a total sewer ass.

That bitch won't give me a refund! I'ma sewer ass!
by Millertime!! January 24, 2010
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