A magical place on top of a mountain were the motto is "study hard, party hard"; where everyone knows your name and you know everyone else's; a place where your Shakespeare professor can have a beer with you at the local pub; an almost utopian enviroment where college is just an added bonus and character and integrity are the take home prizes
Mayberry meets Harvard on top of a mountain (or a plateau as Sewanee folks know). "That place was so special. Those kids were so bright and they can party too! What a beautiful place, it is so Sewanee
by Sewanee Grad April 4, 2005
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The most amazing place on earth! A college on top of montain in Tenn. Everyone is friendly and great. Tuff school work but the parties make up for it by leaps and bounds.
He must go to Sewanee! He is a good person who can drink more and study harder.
by Sewanee Lover February 16, 2005
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Formally known as the University of the South, it is the greatest college on the planet. It is viewed negatively by those who were too stupid to get accepted.
Guy 1: Gosh, I hate this preppy, alcoholic loser that goes to Sewanee.

Guy 2: Where do you go?

Guy 1: Mississippi State.
by JHGIII July 19, 2006
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A school located in southern Tennessee that is known for its drug and party culture.
Oh you went to Sewanee? So you’re an alcoholic?”
by SpadeSpecter March 4, 2021
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A strange phenomenon where several thousand intelligent (or so we thought...) people choose to settle on top of a mountain that is equally as void of intelligence and things to do as everything within a 300 miles of it (inhabitants of such places are referred to as Sewanesians)
What do people see in this place? There's nothing here! This town is such a Sewanee...
by ^^^ March 23, 2005
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Small college on a mountain top in Tennessee. Student body is full of self-rightious southern aristocracy. One can spot a Sewanee student by shaggy hair, pastel colored Polo clothing and/or seersucker suit and bowtie. Other common accessories are Chevy Tahoe's, Suburbans, or Land Rover Discovories. Students are also easily identified by thier arrogance, ignorance of world events, and utter self-importaince. Sewanee students are often found smoking pot or drinking hard liquor, while playing Frisbee Golf or burning things.
"Ah, he must attend Sewanee... That explains the Polo clothing, Tahoe, and large amounts of expensive rock climbing and whitewater kayaking equipment he always carries around, but has never used."
by bron December 11, 2004
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A Sewanee Dog (canus lupus dumpiarus) is a species commonly found at Sewanee: The University of the South, a small liberal arts university in Tennesse. Oddly enough, the species is entirely female. Although this species is specific to Sewanee, it probably exists at other affluent, southern universities under a different nomenclature.

The Sewanee Dog is typically spotted in the Fall and Winter months wearing designer jeans, a Northface fleece and uggs. Other variations may include leggings -- often almost see-through -- with a flanel shirt or the addition of a Barbour jacket. Sewanee Dogs sporting tightly fitting sweatpants and a prep-school hoody have been spotted, but are less common.

The Sewanee Dogs are especially fond of cigarettes, and will spend hours on end at the library just so they can take cig breaks. In fact, the average Sewanee Dog spends more time smoking than they do studying, but see no irony in complaining about how much work they have. They also enjoy boasting about the number of "all nighters" they have pulled in a week, and don't see any flaw in this study habit.

They seem unaware of their sexually repulsive nature and see nothing wrong with reaking of Parliament Lights and sporting a hacking cough.

Their diet consists mostly of Adderall and Red Bull, but can be suplimented by greasy pub food and diet coke.
Male Student #1: Buzz's girlfriend, woof!

MS #2: That's a Sewanee Dog.
by Sewanee Zoologist Society December 14, 2009
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