1. The legendary figure from the world of Windslayer that is known primarily as Sevic, but also by aliases such as King Sevic, Pharaoh Sevic, Sevic Aegypti, King of Porphyry, Quarantine, and so on.

2. Well-known for characteristics such as the royal dark purple color in almost all of his clothing, along with a purple bow, the two-colored orange beanie that he so often wore, his incredible intellect and regal demeanor, and a very blunt and straightforward personality.

3. The leader of the notorious 'Poltergeist' guild, which was responsible for the success in the Windslayer community's ethical maintenance.
Person 1: I could have sworn I saw Sevic today in Serien, the City of Water.

Person 2: Really? Wow, that’s awesome! I have never gotten to see him before.
by Windslayer2 September 26, 2012
a man who is addicted to mastbating
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by henry August 23, 2003