Person 1: "How is it (the serval) so soft?"
Person 2: "I don't know"
by Iskion August 19, 2020
1. The continued misspelling of several on Urban Dictionary.

2. A medium-sized African wild cat.
by karmakim February 2, 2010
Serval is an older lesbian woman who strolls the middle of the night for the thrill of hunting young and inexperienced females to seduce them and have her ways with them.

I.E.: lesbian cougar
Damn Jessica, stay away from that serval, she’ll chew you and spit you out the next day.
by Tim&Jay July 5, 2022
Serval is a cute friend who lives on Japari Park. One day she finds a human who she named Kaban. They then explore the park while Serval is tortured because it is mating season and Kaban isn't into that shit. One day. Serval decides she has had enough, jumps onto Kaban, and she fucked Kaban up.
Kaban: Serval-San, are you OK?
Serval: Mya, I hate celliens.
by GnarlyAxolotl June 22, 2022