The Derp Way Of Saying Soon.
"The Stupid Way Of Saying Soon."
"I'm Getting A New Computer Sern."
"The Man Is Coming Over Sern."
"I'm Coming Over Sern."
by ♥Snowy♥ April 29, 2016
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one familiar with the art of dry humping, also brandishing a ludacris ratty to the side of his left ear. a sern can usually be found loitering at the local mcdonalds asking for money for a 30 cent cone or "durrys" (ciggerettes). not the smartest or quickest mentaly at the best of times, a sern can usually be lured into a false sense of security with offerings of cheeseburgers,smokes, and pre pubesant pune.
dry humper
ben palmer
face sniffer
one pube
45 minutes!
by simon lipscomb September 19, 2008
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A very young, beautiful young lady. Works hard and is always there for family and friends. But won’t let people take advantage of her generosity. Ambitious, goes for what she wants and won’t stop till she gets it. Talented, Unique but an asshole and can be controlling and rude.
Serne is so amazing but I want to slap the shit outta her.
by Melcan January 01, 2020
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