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a co-worker or colleague who is always jumping all over a new idea or task, but never gets it done, resulting in extreme work-place frustration in response to lack of follow-through.
i was willing to take on that new project, but the dry humper was practically pissing down his leg volunteering to do it first. we all know cory's all hump and no satisfaction.
by fivenightrental March 04, 2009
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A dryhumper most likely named daniel morales, will lock himself in his room, dryhumping the fuck out of pillows, carpets, towels, dogs, clam chowders and tetes.

Be very careful with this kind of people because they will dryhump anything that moves.
Girl.. Yo man, are you a dryhumper??

Guy.. Hell no! My name is edward not daniel to be one.

Girl.. Oh yeah sorry
by Garik February 11, 2014
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