Texhnolyze is an anime created by most of the staff who worked on another well-known anime called Serial Experiments: Lain. Texhnolyze is about the underground experimental city known as Lux, which is being controlled by three warring factions; the Union, the Racan and the Organo. The series follows the lives of some individuals in Lux, who are all linked through the science of Texhnolyze. Texhnolyze is a new science which allows new, robotic limbs to be grafted onto the human body without fear of the body rejecting the limb(s).

The series itself is dark and edgy, dealing with concepts such as power, control, human evolution through trans-humanism, human spirit and the struggle to survive. A fantastic anime which, while it takes a while to get into, really does make you think, and marvel at the world of Texhnolyze.
"Texhnolyze, is furthering human evolution."
by Ryushi April 11, 2006