to be pronounced "saynti" (a slang word in oriya; an east indian language)

to senti ku dekhi mo banda uthuchi ( i am going horney after watching your cunt)
by oriyabanda October 04, 2009
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When your so high that you feel everything
Stoner:"yo bro are you senty?"
Friend who barely smokes: ".....what's going on...."
Stoner: "lmao you're senty"
by Finesse-God November 21, 2016
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Something you say when you like something a lot, or when asked to give your opinion about a certain topic (usually outfits). It may also be followed by "Oh filho"
João: Do you like my penis pendant?
Marco: Yes, senti milhões oh filho!
by Flow3rB0y November 29, 2020
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(Adjective): Describes a person,situation or thing that makes you feel sentimental and emotional at the same time.

Kind of being between emotional and sentimental without being too much of either.
Example 1: The slide show at the end of Prom was amazing. It made me all senti-motional.

Example 2: I couldn't help but feel a little senti-motional when the Bo-Sox won the world series last season.
by Omzie Gomzie April 06, 2008
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A brainwashed victim of Hayley Gilbert that thinks fire alarms are alive
Hayley is such a Senti-alarmer whenever she hears or talks about fire alarms and whenever she sees a SpectrAlert Advance she’ll make out with it
by ThunderBoy66 December 03, 2021
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she got so senti in the tenti when her brother said that her friends were weird
by gcmjsw September 13, 2019
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Bro who knew the Senti’s took out most of the x men and mutants
by SentiGod December 31, 2020
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