A delicious mushy kind of food.
You boil it in milk until it becomes a thick, white mixture and then you eat it with more milk and a spoon.
Some fat people will put sugar on it and the exceptionally fatasses will even stick it in their icecream.
i love it though.
its amazing!
i love Semolina it is so yummy mmmmmmm it is sooo gooddd!!!
by Miss Yellow April 15, 2008
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Banging dog-style, blasting on your partners back, adding semolina to it and making pasta. As referenced on Roast Mortem Podcast.
I was banging your Mom and I made messy semolina after.
by BrownPanther February 9, 2022
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A small city in Italy recognized only by a minute group of individuals.
Some may refer to Semolina, Italy as a city, but it does not actually exist. Similar to Narnia or Atlantas.
by peterpan5002 April 2, 2012
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