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A semitarian is a part-time vegan or vegetarian: too much of a wuss to go 100% in but they put in the half-assed effort. They may eat only some types of meat (like oyster vegan or pescatarian), they may consciously choose not to eat meat on certain days (Meat Free Monday), or they may only eat meat on certain days (cheat meal). They may be semitarian for health reasons, simply not care, or find full-time veganism or vegetarianism to be too time-consuming or difficult.
James: I've been vegetarian with one meat meal exception a month.

Sarah: That's semitarian...
James: No, it's vegetarian with 1 meat meal dammit. I don't like labels. I'm a millenial!

It's Meat-Free Monday! Time to flex my semitarian muscles.

Maybe I just dont care THAT much about veganism. I'm doing my part eating meat only on rare occasions. It would be more impactful to make a ponzi scheme for veganism. The results would be exponential. Until then, I'm semitarian.

My doctor told me I have to reduce my meat intake to reduce my risk of chronic preventable disease. So I cut out all meat--except for burgers.
by lilspiker January 01, 2017
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Someone who doesn't have the guts to be a full vegetarian but will eat meat once or twice a week. Will still lecture you on the evils of eating meat though.
Laura: I'm a semitarian, I basically just eat vegetables and tofu now, it's so much healthier.

Dave: But don't you have a steak once a week and chicken on Tuesdays?

Laura: Semitarians are allowed that, which is still better than you and your rampant lust for meat.
by StewieG Wannabe January 28, 2010
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