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Seli is a nickname short for selena; selene. Very beautiful girl she's adorable, sexy, shy, adorable, naughty anything a guy would look for in a girl. She attracts any guy she talks to, dime piece perfect body. Also loyal to her partner somebody you can trust 100% on anything, earn her trust the right way. Feisty babe in bed a screamer her voice Is amazing. Beautiful singer, has a thing for art very talented gifted girl. Sometimes Envy'd by other people. Revengous, mean. Most amazing girl you'd ever meet quite a few people see the real inside her. Unique one of a kind.
That girl is extremely unique..
She's a seli

Damn that bitch is good in bed! shes such a seli!
by larry452 March 24, 2011
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A ship between two teenagers who don’t know what real love is but inside they love each other and don’t show it on the outside until someone makes them come out and admit there love.
Aww that’s such a Seli ship.
by Irishdancer234 January 12, 2018
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