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1. A person or item naturally possessing the qualities, features, or attributes that allows for the efficient performance of revenge--"Did you see that kid piss just his pants on purpose because the teacher wouldn’t let him leave to go use the restroom? Man he is revengous!" "Did you see that car cut us off!? Yeah I did. I guess I shouldn’t have pulled out in front of that slow hunk of junk revengous looking car."

2. The definition of a moment or occurrence after an act of revenge has been performed--"We came to this fancy house party and what do you do? You defecate in that guy's closet...that's revengous!" “That was so revengous when you stole that guy’s girlfriend away from him after he was beating on her”
In the movie "Dumb and Dumber" when Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels put atomic peppers in Mike Starr's sandwich, and subsequently kill him...that was "revengous." The situation is termed "revengous" because Mike Starr was planning to kill Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, but they accidently killed him by putting atomic peppers in his's almost like they knew what they were doing the whole time and didn't even know it. Thus, Jim Carrey Carrey and Jeff Daniels are "revengous" for what they did to Mike Starr. Another person who is "revengous" is M.C. Gainey, off the movie "Breakdown." The way he talks, acts, and looks, is the perfect definition of "revengous."

An item may be termed "revengous" if it is going to be used in an act of revenge. Usually the item has to be older, makeshift, and have malicious or offensive properties. For example, the truck drove by the monster in the movie "Jeepers Creepers," is "revengous," because it's older, looks offensive, and is used to get revenge on his victims. Also, the truck is "revengous" because although it doesn't look very fast, in actuality, it's very fast...and can easily get the job done. Other "revengous" vehicles include bigger cars from the early 1970s that are missing windows, rusted, and usually painted black, grey, or have no paint at all. An example would be a 1972 Chevy Caprice. The caprice is "revengous" because it's old, big, very fast and usually driven by people capable of getting revenge on others.
by Dr. Revengous December 13, 2011
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