Selful - Adjective.

To describe a person that is concerned about bettering one's self without disregarding others.

Selfless < Selful > Selfish
Tommy became a selful man when he decided to stop partying with his friends everyday and go to college.

Gina made a selful decision when she decided not to drive drunk when her friends begged her take them home.
by The Great Empathizer March 4, 2016
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sel: exists
you: wow ur my fav person ever
by obviously sel April 9, 2021
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the coolest most hottest person ever, has the best music taste and the coolest personality
by idkmam April 14, 2021
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Salt in french, formerly known as this kid at school that is odd. But funny.
"Yo, Sel."
by Bobishness April 6, 2003
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Loml. Sunshine. Beauty. Sel is all in one.
Sel is one with a pure heart, and warm soul
by Someone admiring kio August 26, 2021
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Quite possibly the #1 Utopia player of all time, riding his hedgehog into battle.
“Have you heard of Sel? I hear he is pretty cool.”
Yeh, I have. Despite his lack of experience, he is obviously #1!”
by Canewalker April 13, 2022
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An abbreviation used by people who are too cool to use the word 'selfish'
"Stop being sel!"
"He is so sel"
by Lozza gy August 18, 2011
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