Wow man, I met a Sehrish today. My life is complete.

Dude, I wish my girlfriend was a Sehrish.
by Asyyy May 29, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the world. she has big brown doe eyes and fluttering lashes. a teethy smile and she's short very short. she doesn't see how perfect she is though and is often worried about her academics. her name itself is like that of an angel's and she glows wherever she is.
She's such a Sehrish
by Mikasa wannabe September 11, 2022
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if u have a sehrish in your life u r LUCKY.
Sehrish are beautiful, ambitious, prettiest in the world, Their smile is the most beautiful thing.
But never mess with them. These pretty angels can convert into demons in a blink of an eye
by iwrogolhgfoaprfvbri September 24, 2022
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Sehrish. A beautiful girl, with an amazing personality and will just bring joy to your life. They are usually Capricorn’s, and they are compatible with only Capricorn’s. Sehrish is someone who will just put a smile on your face. From her smile, to her down to earth and clean heart, lives Sehrish. Loving and caring, it’s basically impossible to meet a Sehrish, unless your an Aryan which is a whole different story!
Wow, I have a Sehrish dude!

I’m so thankful for Sehrish in my life
by BlackBoyBlack February 17, 2021
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The girl who has that name is lucky, pretty, born in 2012, and kind.
My girlfriend's name is Sehrish! I am so happy!
by Matthew that math guy October 4, 2021
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Sehrish the name of the most beautiful girl in the world, they are smart, confident, caring and loving.
If u have a Sehrish in your life, man.. u r lucky!
And the award for the best girl goes to.....Sehrish!
by iwrogolhgfoaprfvbri September 24, 2022
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The hottest girl in the world I mean literally...
Usually born in 2009

Look mean, but are hot af

They have long thick hair

and a perfect body

They may be short and have a short temper

But if they become your bestie.. MAN u r LUCKY!
They may not have the best humor but are quite charming..
Their personality will make you attracted to them
I wish I could impress Sehrish
by vuieoquvbr April 24, 2023
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