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The most powerful fish to roam the planet, the seel spends it's days bouncing around cities. It can be a ferocious beast if bothered, however. It will bounce on you until you look like a pancake. It is known for its beautiful face as well.
by SovietSalam February 07, 2018
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A furry dingo with blue hair and a kusarigama, a ancient japanese weapon.
She can change gender and transform herself into animals and monsters.
It's child-tempered, with short height and weight.
Seel's best friends are Skeef/Skifi, 0r0ch1 and AC/ArbokCobra.
by Vitor-Leal December 12, 2006
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to perform a seel, it is the act of barking like a seal between carages of a train
"Yeah lad, i'll give you 100 soles to drop some seels now"

"Did you just seel that train"

"Eshays bro, you seeled the deal"
by bortwithlegs April 04, 2007
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SEEL is the 2 people who would make a cute couple however don’t admit that they like each other. They are the two who are crazy after each other and obsessed with each other . Everybody at school and outside of school tells them that they should be together.
Person 1; Yo seel should be a thing meaning couple thing

Person 2: Bro yea definitely, they are so cute: even the nameeee
by Marcus King June 12, 2018
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