The most powerful fish to roam the planet, the seel spends it's days bouncing around cities. It can be a ferocious beast if bothered, however. It will bounce on you until you look like a pancake. It is known for its beautiful face as well.
by SovietSalam February 7, 2018
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A furry dingo with blue hair and a kusarigama, a ancient japanese weapon.
She can change gender and transform herself into animals and monsters.
It's child-tempered, with short height and weight.
Seel's best friends are Skeef/Skifi, 0r0ch1 and AC/ArbokCobra.
by Vitor-Leal December 12, 2006
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- German for soul
- Also the backers of Nerv who want to implement the Human Instrumentality Project in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion
Gendo: I hate Seele, always screwing with my plans.
by Gendo Ikari September 24, 2006
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SEEL is the 2 people who would make a cute couple however don’t admit that they like each other. They are the two who are crazy after each other and obsessed with each other . Everybody at school and outside of school tells them that they should be together.
Person 1; Yo seel should be a thing meaning couple thing

Person 2: Bro yea definitely, they are so cute: even the nameeee
by Marcus King June 4, 2018
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to perform a seel, it is the act of barking like a seal between carages of a train
"Yeah lad, i'll give you 100 soles to drop some seels now"

"Did you just seel that train"

"Eshays bro, you seeled the deal"
by bortwithlegs April 4, 2007
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Seeling is when you create an air-tight ring of suction around a womans clit while roughly and wildly licking it until she climaxes. It is customary to shout "You do not have enough badges to train me." before finishing your partner off in this manner.
During my last round with Misty i thought i was going to blow first, but i wound up Seelingthe deal.
by Arphee February 20, 2016
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A mamal originating from South Australia which is often violent and may even attack young, defenseless brunettes without warning or reason.
Seele kept trying to slap Alanna's ass and rape Soph, his imaginairy prostitute
by Alanna March 28, 2003
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