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A phrase used to threaten people,but the threat usually never happens.
Guy: touch me again see what happens
Buddy:Shut up bro you wont do anything
by Elmont's sal February 07, 2011
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1)A phrase usually yelled at small children by a man who’s just released some bottled up aggression with a short length of merbau decking.

2)It can be used as a warning.

3)Also it can be used to express a lack of fucks to give.
1)“See what happens when you let your dog out!”
2) “Let that dog into my yard one more fuckin time and you’ll see what happens!”
3)“Concerned citizen: “yo Mark, do you think that dog will recover from its broken leg or need to be put down?”

Mark: “eh, see what happens”
by SkeetRook May 30, 2018
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