Sediment adj - something that is so effort, lazy or flat alturnativley it can be used to discribe something that is bad
ohh... that’s so sediment
by Lazingah March 01, 2019
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noun; a large sum of cash awarded to the plaintiff whose case is upheld by Judge Joe Brown. ebonic/niglish word derived from "settlement."
Tyronia dun gimme a sediment cause he mybabydaddy an de judge say he gotta pay fo him.
translation: Tyronia paid a settlement because he is the father of my bastard child and the judge determined that he must pay child support.
by earpuller October 21, 2005
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the tangible aftermath of over- flatulance found in the underpants or panty. Can be smelled and felt. Not to be confused with shart.
I am not going down on you, there is probably fart sediment on your dick
by michelle A April 03, 2008
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