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A sick track on vinyl that is purposefully produced in limited numbers so that it does not become mainstream -- or if it does become mainstream, it's part of a contiguous mix, not a single track so wannabe DJs can't spin it.

Usually the highlight of the rave, mix, etc. It's a track you want to rewind several times for.
"When that DJ dropped his secret weapon last night, the rave went fucking nuts!"

"I'm trying to find that amazing track the DJ played the other night." "No way, you won't find it man, that was a secret weapon."
by hoojchoons August 13, 2009
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A girl that you keep secret and just use for sex. Not good enough to take out in public, just good enough to keep around in case everything else falls through.
No action on a Friday night, resort to the secret weapon.
by UMCRider January 25, 2011
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