A sick track on vinyl that is purposefully produced in limited numbers so that it does not become mainstream -- or if it does become mainstream, it's part of a contiguous mix, not a single track so wannabe DJs can't spin it.

Usually the highlight of the rave, mix, etc. It's a track you want to rewind several times for.
"When that DJ dropped his secret weapon last night, the rave went fucking nuts!"

"I'm trying to find that amazing track the DJ played the other night." "No way, you won't find it man, that was a secret weapon."
by hoojchoons August 13, 2009
Something you do or give to your significant other that they weren’t excepting. Usually used to earn brownie points or show you genuinely care
Casey had really bought some nice gifts for his girlfriends birthday, but he was saving one of them as a secret weapon to really show he loved her
by KnightofNerdom March 25, 2019
A girl that you keep secret and just use for sex. Not good enough to take out in public, just good enough to keep around in case everything else falls through.
No action on a Friday night, resort to the secret weapon.
by UMCRider January 26, 2011
Kai Kamal Huening is not only known as the 4th gen ace, but he is also known as the 4th gen secret weapon!! He has multiple talents yet is so under-appreciated. In conclusion, Huening Kai 4th gen secret weapon.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of Hueningkai?
Person 2: Oh you mean the 4th gen secret weapon? Yeah i know him.
by soogyux February 20, 2021
a term used in danganronpa v3 when a girl flashes her boobs unexpectedly. also a weird fight or flight response
In danganronpa v3 killing harmony, Miu Iruma uses her secret woman weapon against Gonta Gokuharu to get him to not kidnap her for his insect meet and greet
by Kazuichi Soda kinnie November 2, 2020