Hueningkai (The Cutie of the Group >3<) is a half Korean half American K-Pop singer who is a member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

According to his Father via Instagram, His name Kai Kamal; Kai meaning Victory in Chinese and Kamal meaning Perfection in Arabic. His father definitely defined him as to who he is.
Hueningkai is very talented with his Musical Instruments. He has experience with Drums, Flute, Guitar, Piano and many more. A particular video MOA have dug up, a young boy like him, his voice was so strong and powerful. He was born singer and also rapper.

Kai's personality is something you've definitely never encountered in your life. He is a someone who doesn't think to deeply of things and is always positive and happy. He has always given the best of him when he performs on stage and he is able to fit in every concept. His voice is able to adapt with any genre they do. His vocals are no joke. His vocals is just so soothing, powerful, gentle, low, angelic, modulated and just a blessing to anyone's ear. Just like his members, he is also very loving. Their friendship is the greatest, no one could ever beyond break their bond. Kai has the most unique but endearing laugh, it never fails to put a smile on MOAs face, or at least mine.

Also Kais visual are no joke. His galaxy eyes, pointed nose, smooth lips, effortlessly styled dark hair, unique ears, his tiny moles, his elegant face, his body proportions plus his height? = Perfection
In conclusion: Hueningkai Best Boy <3
Teacher: Look up your favorite word from a dictionary
MOA: What if my favourite is Hueningkai but it only exists in the Urban Dictionary? Normal Dictionary's are definitely needing an update on their words.
by thatshitsamazing May 12, 2020
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a plushie loving, ball of sunshine, that we call a human being. loved by all, hueningkai (also referred to a kai, or my personal favorite “huening”) is someone that you need in your life
p1: i’m thinking of stanning txt, but i can’t choose a bias

p2: hueningkai is an amazing choice, but you might die alone if you choose him

p1: thank you?
by local_bi_kpop_stan November 27, 2021
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