When you approach a girl at a bar or in a club and she doesn't want to talk to you or dance with you and blows you out, so you leave her alone. But later in the evening you see her making eyes at you because she has had second thoughts and decided she wants to talk to you after all.
Hey mate that bird who blew you out earlier, she's staring at you like she's having second thoughts. Get in there lad.
by warriorinwoolworths January 31, 2021
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A political channel on YouTube that talks about how bad American capitalism is. He sometimes says in his videos that countries like China are "helping smaller countries to get out of American influence." If he covers a topic, most likely Vox has an explanation that won't make you go "Jesus christ what the fu*k was that about?!"
You: Hmm, a video on the housing crisis in America by a YouTube channel by the name of Second Thought. Hope it's good.


You: Yeah, Vox has a WAY better explanation on this.
by Gigantic_Amogus March 19, 2022
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a dick and balls trick where you take your penis and pull it snugly underneath your body, leaving your balls protruding from either side of your now-gone penis. giving a double-image of "the brain" giving it the name, "second thoughts".
he gave me "the brain" so i hit him with the "second thoughts"
by deathafterlife June 3, 2009
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