An iconic alcoholic beverage originating in Ohio that comes in six packs, is 6% alcohol, and is German for the word "Six."
Guy: I want to buy some Sech's.

Other Guy: There's a few girls I could hit up if they get drunk enough..

Guy: Or we could buy them Sech's first.

Other Guy: (Other Guy Is Confused. It hurts itself in its confusion).
by Ivanna Haf January 29, 2015
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A euphanism for sex. It is intended to be comical.
"Tell her that you've been dying to get in her pants and that you will pay her for hot sechs."
by Jeff October 16, 2003
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scene kid term for 'sex'. also can be used in conjuction with the word 'teh' (never 'the') as a term of endearment.
used as other word for sex:

"Let's go home and make buttsechs!"

used as a term of endearment:

"That band is teh sechs!"
by electricchildren April 25, 2006
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a word created and used frequently by the mastermind, elitespartan. its maening in the gaming world is a tag used by any type of statutory rape, molestation, or sodomization either by elitespartan, dboss, or drewalloveryou(r.i.p.).
(1)Quitetheandrew: (braces distorting his real voice) im gonna rape you all with my chaaaaaaf sticky
elitespartan: kiiiid, please.
*headshots quitethenoob*
elitespartan: headshot sechs
(2)leadgangsta: ummmm look at this nappy nigger dbosss hahahahaahahah nappy nigger. lets see ur schedule, monday, comb that nappy mop of yours, tuesday, goto the doctor of yours for that nappy mop, wedneday, have nappy little niglets, thurs....(gets stickied by dboss)

elitespartan: sticky sechs.
by noob4557 August 1, 2007
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sechs is word used in the gaming word to describe things such as other bad players getting raped also used at the end of words like
headshot sechss
granade sechss
or simply u get that sechs
by robert anthony April 24, 2008
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The security van appears in the infamous Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City video games. Apparently a take on the well-known financial entity called "Goldman Sachs", while it is also phonetically similar to "Group Sex", a sex-oriented pun indeed. Very Rockstar style.
All the blue security vans in Liberty City belongs to the Gruppe Sechs company.
by Lin T March 10, 2006
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