Sodomy. Bum sex. Anal sex. Fudge packing. Shit stabbing.
WUOLD YUO LIEK SUM BUTTSECHS?!?!1/1/1/1oneslashoneslash
by Rob May 16, 2004
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Sex in the anal orphas with another living organism, commonly a man
by john dolan March 20, 2004
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what your mom does to your brother...?
let me buttsechs u
by buttsechs master June 14, 2004
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When a person is quickly and unknowingly given buttsechs from someone who sneaks up behind them.
carleana "omg i just felt something in my butt"
rachel "zomg what was eet?!"
Jamesaxlmooney "SUPRISE BUTTSECHS!!!!"
by zomg effing brilliant July 25, 2006
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