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A person you intend to or have hooked up with. This often becomes a one night stand
I am on the search for Sealions tonight. Boy do I need to get some!
by SarahBear July 19, 2006
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A lesbian cougar. An older woman that preys on younger women at bars and other prime locations in much the same way that cougars prey on younger men. Sea lion is derived from cougar as an aquatic homage to the large cat, namely because their diet consists of fish.
Did you see that sea lion that hit on Alexa? She was old enough to be her mom!
by ilgattonero August 07, 2010
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When after a night of heavy drinking someone crashes and is unable to do anything for at least 12 hours. The easiest way to recognize a Sea Lion is to poke the person and see what happens. If they moan and thrash and bark like a sea creature then fall back asleep they are a Sea Lion. This condition happens most with people of half-ginger descent.
Not even a trident could wake that Sea Lion.
by LaDarren Anderson September 25, 2010
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another word for someone jewish, especially for jews who are extremely aggressive and rude
happy hanukah sealion
by iiampotato June 14, 2016
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A sexy, secksy, smexy, smexican beast from Smexico. It is the most virile of all creatures, and the most deadly. It has been known to inseminate thirty-four different types of creatures in the span of fourteen seconds, and proceed to crush each and every one of them with its uberblubber at the same time because they looked at it funny. It also enjoys long crawls on the beach, mauling horseback riders, and it sucks ass at basketball. Often confused with a walrus, due to it's magnificent tusks.
Cocksucker: "Dude get out of the way, there's a sea lion coming through!"

Smegmatr0n: "No, you idiot, that's just a stupid whore walrus."

Sea Lion: "You motherfuckers actually confused me with a walrus? That's alright, it happens all the time.

by Ma3di August 14, 2006
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