A subtle form of trolling involving "bad-faith" questions. You disingenuously frame your conversation as a sincere request to be enlightened, placing the burden of educating you entirely on the other party. If your bait is successful, the other party may engage, painstakingly laying out their logic and evidence in the false hope of helping someone learn. In fact you are attempting to harass or waste the time of the other party, and have no intention of truly entertaining their point of view. Instead, you react to each piece of information by misinterpreting it or requesting further clarification, ad nauseum. The name "sea-lioning" comes from a Wondermark comic strip.
I spent five minutes asking polite questions, sealioning him into hours of writing until he got exasperated and told me to fuck off.
by alienacean November 16, 2016
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Trying to engage in a controversial yet civil debate and requesting evidence from someone who refuses to provide such evidence to back up their claims.
Used to demonize one who requests evidence or proof of claims, based on assumptions about their character and intent.
Can be used to conceal your dishonesty by putting the blame on the one who tries to engage you in a debate.
Person A : Can you give me a link to a study or article that validates your claim ?
Person B : This sealioning is appalling, I can read your mind and I know for a fact that you are concealing your malicious intent behind false civility. You are a troll and as such not worthy of evidence. Redeem yourself by getting rid of your critical thinking and accepting the validity of my claims.

Person C : I have been abducted by aliens and infected with one of their viruses, but thankfully Jesus came down on Earth to save me using homeopathy.
Person D : Prove it !
Person C : This is sealioning ! How DARE you ?!
by Prince_Crimson June 29, 2017
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Attempting to argue with someone who doesn't want to hear opposing arguments.
I ranted online about people I hate, and he started sealioning me so I just blocked him.
by Boredman February 14, 2017
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A word used for calling people out online who repeatedly target others with exhausting questions.


A shady, made-up word that can be traced back to one text from the most exclusive university Harvard, within a country that has the death penalty, in order to divide activist circles across the English speaking world with its double meaning.

‘Sealion’ so happens to be an excellent excuse and reason for humiliating someone online. Performative activists need to create new words and labels for people, where if you only replaced these words with good old curse words, you’d be witnessing clear online harassment.
Person 1: …” What proof do you have that I’m speaking to you in bad faith”?

Person 2: “’We’ don’t have to prove anything, I’m ending the discussion, this is ‘sealioning’ YOU ‘sealion’”!

Person 1: “Why are you making the point of calling me a ‘sealion’ when you can just block me…”?
by Egan Wilks March 17, 2022
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From Wikionary: "To intrude on a conversation with disingenuous questions in an attempt to engage in unwanted debate as a form of harassment."
From Macmillandictionary.com: "In an online conversation, repeatedly asking a person questions or making comments which suggest that you are interested in what they are talking about, but are actually intended to annoy them"

The reference is taken from "WONDERMARK: A Collabroation With The Dead" web comic #1062; "The Terrible Sea Lion"
"Becky is being a real Sealion, like, no one wants to debate her wack-ass and she won't take a hint."
by Gralkor June 27, 2019
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A person you intend to or have hooked up with. This often becomes a one night stand
I am on the search for Sealions tonight. Boy do I need to get some!
by SarahBear July 20, 2006
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Dan: man this gonna get us so high
Phil: *spills the weed*

Dan: man, you pulled a sandy sealion
by c-h-r-i-s-6-9 June 30, 2016
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