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A subtle form of trolling involving "bad-faith" questions. You disingenuously frame your conversation as a sincere request to be enlightened, placing the burden of educating you entirely on the other party. If your bait is successful, the other party may engage, painstakingly laying out their logic and evidence in the false hope of helping someone learn. In fact you are attempting to harass or waste the time of the other party, and have no intention of truly entertaining their point of view. Instead, you react to each piece of information by misinterpreting it or requesting further clarification, ad nauseum. The name "sea-lioning" comes from a Wondermark comic strip.
I spent five minutes asking polite questions, sealioning him into hours of writing until he got exasperated and told me to fuck off.
by alienacean November 15, 2016
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To express disagreement with, express skepticism of, or otherwise simply talk back to an internet social justice advocate or internet radical feminist.
Help me! help me! These white male shitlords on the internet are sealioning me by asking me to provide evidence for my accusations! I'm being harassed and stalked because people doubt me! Please donate to my paetron and kickstarter accounts so I can buy some new shoes~whoops, I mean, so I can produce some more content about how sexist this hobby that I don't really partake in is.
by radium February 03, 2015
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Attempting to argue with someone who doesn't want to hear opposing arguments.
I ranted online about people I hate, and he started sealioning me so I just blocked him.
by Boredman February 14, 2017
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