Scutting was(is) a past time in Dublin whereby kids would cling on to the back of a bus/truck/van...anything vehicle larger than a car really.
I went scutting with me mates on the back of the 78a this morning.
by Dar76 April 12, 2015
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A term for describing an act of mischief or devilment that is good fun and can also can describe joking or punking someone.
Guy 2 Bursts balloon in guy 1's face...
Guy 1 "what the hell did you do that for..?"
Guy 2 "ah I was only scutting with ya!"

Girl 1"omg you were so drunk last night...do you remember what you did?!"
Girl 2 "Oh no!!! What the hell did I do?"
Girl 1 "Ah I'm only scutting with ya...you didnt do anything too bad"
by teaisformugs January 03, 2012
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