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To get so mortally drunk in a very short space of time.
So drunk that you are incapable of walking. the loss of direction is also something that can occur.

Frequent eviction from pubs are a common side affect of being scutted as is waking up fully dressed.
Girl...I was only out for 1 hour and i cant remember how i got home!
Man...Wow you must have been totally scutted!
by The Vestry.... Chiami October 07, 2013
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the act of smoking marijuana to get a high.
"What're you doing tonight, man?"
"I'm gettin scutted, yo!"
"Damn, son. I'm already there."
by j. $tew October 31, 2011
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Being under the influence of opiates, in a way that causes increased energy and a stimulated feeling
Johnny popped a blue and a half, instead of all four, because he wanted to get scutted and party instead of nod out.
by Scutty Boyyy January 11, 2018
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To be almost worked to the point of exhaustion. Doing a job that really required more than one person. Especially, while being short staffed or ineffectively managed.
We had 4 people call out . Management is going to "scut" us out tonight. They need to hire some more people so we don't keep getting scutted every night.
by trixie18 March 29, 2018
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