A dude with black gums whose teeth is falling out and has spots on his back. He might need Vitamin C, particularly from a lemon tree. Also written S ~ (S + curvy).
"We got Scurvy we just chillin' on the sea"
"That dude Alex has scurvy"
by metalspod December 8, 2009
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In taking marijuana to the pinnacle high. Originated from smoking marijuana out of a pirate pipe.
Person1: What you doing?
Person2: I'm about to get scurvy with my dawgs.
by HorsePower April 29, 2013
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There are two, the real one and the slang one.
Real one: A disease pirate gets from a lack of vitamin C.
Slang: To shit on someones back.
by Wunderlich August 16, 2007
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Perfect; Amazing; Awesome; Epic
Oh you just won a Fortnite game? That’s scurvy dude!
by Hubert Herbert November 22, 2020
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AHoy Smee, clean up my scurvy on the poop deck!!!
by BennyBoiP June 15, 2011
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the disease your computer gets when you dont do your SQL tables right
arrrrrrrg my tables fucked.... SHIT I HAVE SCURVY lame.
by stew2 November 16, 2010
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