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A real one is a friend you can count on.
"Didn't she walk down the hallway four times to find her friends computer, plug it in, find her jacket, and make it back outside before the end of the school day?"

"That's what a real one does.
by Broke one January 14, 2017
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A real one is a person that wonโ€™t turn on you. You donโ€™t have to be related to them, but you call them family.
I can always count on him, heโ€™s one of my real ones.
by H.2_O November 27, 2017
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Someone who does not care what you think and tells you it like it is.
Did you hear about that Broach guy?
Yeah, he's a real one!
by Robbro85 June 08, 2017
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what white music hipsters say for "niggas" ("the N word") because they're afraid of "cultural appropriation" and hurting niggas feelings for being white.

popularized by Anthony Fantano of theneedledrop, the internet's busiest white music nerd who reviews a many modern hip hop albums by people of a different skin color
AF: In Death Grip's quinquennial album "Real Ones on the Moon (The Powers That B Part 1)" McRide states his dream of becoming a real ones bus driver
by lesleybean May 16, 2018
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a person who is apart of the guido family and is very ridiculous. They only carry around 100's and refer to them as "bills" They only hang out with other real ones because knowone else in on their level. They only pop bottles of grey goose vodka but never finish the bottle (This makes them more real). fist pumping, ed hardy, spikey hair and spray on tan are very common fashion trends with real ones.
did you see that guy last night in the club he popped 5 bottles of goose and him and his boys only drank one.. wow what a real one

guido funny stupid ridiculous
by clownin April 09, 2009
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