A real one is a friend you can count on.
"Didn't she walk down the hallway four times to find her friends computer, plug it in, find her jacket, and make it back outside before the end of the school day?"

"That's what a real one does.
by Broke one January 14, 2017
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Someone who is blunt,

Someone that keeps it true to whomever they keeping around,

Being 100 ,
Someone who is a solid individual,

Someone who is dedicated and loyal
Man, that woman right there is a Real one. I asked her some personal questions and she kept it 100 about it all .
by The 1 without the zeros August 28, 2019
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A real one is a person that won’t turn on you. You don’t have to be related to them, but you call them family.
I can always count on him, he’s one of my real ones.
by H.2_O November 28, 2017
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Someone who regardless of the fact will stick by your side and help you in the simplest and most complicated situations, they drop what they doing to help you, comfort you, reassure you, and never leave your side.
“She was having a bad day at work and told Adam about it while she cried during her break. (Adam went to buy her favorite coffee without asking and dropped it off at her job and told her we’ll talk about it more later keep a smile on). A real one just knows how to make things better.
by Smilewinkandrepeat March 16, 2020
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Someone who does not care what you think and tells you it like it is.
Did you hear about that Broach guy?
Yeah, he's a real one!
by Robbro85 June 9, 2017
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A friend that’s been there for you through thick and thin. They’d take a bullet for you and vice versa. A best friend. Aulonë.
A: I’m broke.
B: I got you covered

A: you’re a real one
by Slutty_nerd August 18, 2019
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a person who is apart of the guido family and is very ridiculous. They only carry around 100's and refer to them as "bills" They only hang out with other real ones because knowone else in on their level. They only pop bottles of grey goose vodka but never finish the bottle (This makes them more real). fist pumping, ed hardy, spikey hair and spray on tan are very common fashion trends with real ones.
did you see that guy last night in the club he popped 5 bottles of goose and him and his boys only drank one.. wow what a real one

guido funny stupid ridiculous
by clownin April 9, 2009
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