An ok school mostly full of preppy whit kids. Its goes from pre-k to 8th grade. most the teachers are old af and are salty ass bitches, but there are also the hella cool ones. The 8th grade class of 2020 girls are (for the most part) StAnKy FiShY hoes. We suspect one of the teachers is a pedo..... but he old af anyways. The music teacher is the best person in that school.
o, did u know that the gimme my wallet guy is a teacher at sculptor charter school.
by yesyesdAddylikes April 12, 2020
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the "art" or act of attempting to make something out of shit either literally or figuratively.
Dude 1: did you see the new movie that turd sculptor tim burton put out?

Dude 2: yeah...between helena bonham carter and that script he sure had his hands full of shit, huh?

Dude 1: yep.
by vulvahammer May 28, 2010
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A magic the gathering character and playing card that when owned is a status symbol that places a player above those who don’t own one.

Why is Jace so coveted? - It is widely known that Jace has sexual relations with Ajani the lion man - Ajani is the coolest cat around. Jace shits out mox artifacts, owns a foil tarmagoyf named wanker, and wipes his ass with lotus petals. He is the hardest planeswalker around. “The mind sculptor” refers to his ability to have sex with and occasionally impregnate anything or anyone without even making physical contact; hence - with his mind.
Noob: wow is that a Jace the mind sculptor!?
Mtg Vet: yes and keep your grimy hands away from it fuck nut
by Zedoric July 16, 2019
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Much better at memes than an artist
Ian: "I'm a brilliant meme artist"
Lee: "aye but I'm a Meme Sculptor, so many levels above you"
by LumberBum November 11, 2017
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(n.) A homeless man living outside a Walmart superstore who removes the bars from shopping carts, shapes them into coat hangers, and sells them outside said Walmart.
I think that ruffy sculptor sold me rohyphenol last Thursday.
by shankster917 November 5, 2010
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