male pattern balness/and a mullet. When the head is bald and you can only grow half a mullet
Daryl hair aint what it used to be, all he has left is a scullet.
by yaddayadda December 19, 2004
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the scene mullet. involves long bangs, with a closely shorn side, choppy layers, and a long tail. usually adorned with a clip in the shape of a bow or a kitty cat face.
Pat: Did you see Amanda's hair?
Jordan: What did she do?
Pat: Aw man, she got a scullet. With coon streaks.
by allicakes May 21, 2009
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fat pregnant woman with a powermullet
yo that powermullet is hot
yea its off da riz

whats the difference between a dead baby and a scullet
you dont eat a scullet with a fork!!
by SCULLET February 6, 2005
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A slow and retarded person can also mean fat or unhinged
“Abe ur a scullet” “sky ur a scullet cause u are fat” “phantom ur a scullet because ur a phsyco and are unhinged
by TheTaviner May 12, 2020
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