To smash a suspects' head into the steel grid of a police cruiser prisoner transport barrier, by slamming on the brakes, while the prisoners' hands are bound behind his back.
"The perp spit at me and started saying things about my mother, then threatened my family, so I gave him a 'screen test'."
by The partition safety nut April 29, 2010
When a person has been placed in the back of a police cruiser, the police officer driving will slam on the breaks suddenly, causing the person handcuffed in the back seat to crash into the metal screen dividing the car. An act of police brutality.
Person 1: "What happened to your face?"
Person 2: "Those officers that picked me up last night gave me a screen test."
by Nnn E December 21, 2006
When a cop in a rural area drives out into the middle of nowhere with a handcuffed suspect in back, slams on the brakes and causes the person to fly into the screen cage, causing them much pain and discomfort.
This asshole in the back keeps acting up, he's gonna get called for a Hollywood Screen Test.
by Hiro Yamamoto November 11, 2006