4 definitions by Hiro Yamamoto

Coffee and a bong-toke
I like to start my day with the sports page and a Seattle speedball, see how Ichiro's hitting.
by Hiro Yamamoto June 19, 2005
Taking a dump on a dive mask, then putting the mask onto your passed-out drunk friend.
You keep mouthing off, you're gonna go for a night dive tonight.
by Hiro Yamamoto July 29, 2005
The weird, smelly, cake-like thing that they put in men's room urinals.
You keep mouthing off and you're gonna get the Polish Breath Mint in your drink.
by Hiro Yamamoto November 9, 2005
When a cop in a rural area drives out into the middle of nowhere with a handcuffed suspect in back, slams on the brakes and causes the person to fly into the screen cage, causing them much pain and discomfort.
This asshole in the back keeps acting up, he's gonna get called for a Hollywood Screen Test.
by Hiro Yamamoto November 11, 2006