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1. Males (usually teens) may sometimes develop moles on their genitalia. Prompting them to scratch off the uncomfortable "growth spurt." Therefore many boys refer to these moles as "Scratch-offs."
2. There have been many instances when thugs have stolen cars by scratching off the film around the windows. This is a technique specifcally used on Black Camaros and has become known, quite fittingly, as a "Scratch-off."
3. A specific type of lottery known as a "Scratch-off" requires you to scratch off plastic in order to reveal your prize. Many people use coins so that the plastic does not become stuck under their fingernails.

Thomas: Enrique! Last night while getting a BJ my girl found the grossest Scratch-off!
Enrique: Dude, that's gross as heck man. Why am I still friends with you...?
2. Yo, last night a couple of the guys from the bar totally pulled a Scratch-off on Bill Gates' car!
3. Hey, you're 18, let's go buy a Scratch-off!
by Andre Feinman July 24, 2017
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