slang term for butthole or anus. Normally when someone eats something, they usually crap out whats left over.
"Man!, why would you want to dump someone who can take it up the scrapyard like that?"
by pachungapokers August 29, 2008
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Driving around in your bmw, with your friends, with exactly one inch of your hair flying out of the window, otherwise your not scrapyarding.
Aly was scrapyarding with chris after the party
by bob larfy April 29, 2008
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A scrapyard montage is a video game montage that includes clips of a person being completely horrible at that game. The clips are merged together with cringey transitions with non-copyrighted music in the background.
Person 1: Hey, did you see that new scrapyard montage?
Person 2: The one that Dynamic made? That guy is so scrapyard at the game.
by LazyPenguin October 11, 2020
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The best film studio that make the famous film scrapyard boys
ETHAN MELNYCHUK: Hey, wanna play Doom 3?
WENDYS WORKER: Sir, this is a Wendy's. But you would you like to watch Scrapyard Productions after my shift?
by Eric malsock November 15, 2022
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the best fucking series made by linus tech tips but he don’t do it no more
Ivan: Yo that episode of scrapyard wars was dopeeee
Jake: I got a i5-2500k for 50 bucks canadian man!
by fbbdkbokdkboko May 26, 2022
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Car is still on the road, but in such a poor condition, that it should be scrapped.
-Oh Jake, how much did you pay for this scrapyard refugee?
- It was only 80 quid and still has 4 months MOT on it!

Buyer: - I like your car, it really is in perfect condition and amazing service history, but it's got very high mileage.
Would you consider selling price -30%, quick sale, huh?
Seller: - No thanks, but good luck with the clocked scrapyard refugees at this price range.
by Bath Tub the sheep December 15, 2016
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