1. (NOUN)Another word for a hoe, slut, trick, whore, dirty chick, or a girl that get around more than normal. Has sexual relations with one guy and goes to another one within a short peorid of time. Hence the name SCRAM. May have a STD.

2. (VERB) the act of SCRAMMING - to get with multiple people within a short time.
1. George: "Lisa gave John head and then hooked up with Chris right after.."
Craig: "Damn! Shes a SCRAM"

2. "Lisa needs to stop SCRAMMING before she catches something."
by ScramJones April 23, 2008
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Acronym for Safety Control Rod Axe Man. In very early nuclear reactors, the control rod assembly was suspended above the reactor core with a cable. In the event of the reactor starting to go out of control, the axe man would cut the cable to drop the control rod assembly into the core almost instantaneously stopping the reaction. However, everyone else would run out of the building. Hence, the word SCRAM got it's current meaning i.e. to make a hastened exit (used either as a verb or an imperitive).

Please note that modern safety technology has made a nuclear reactor the safest place to work (safer than a bank, in fact), and the axe man position is no longer used.
1. The reactor's starting to go super-critical! OK, SCRAM!!!

2. We'd better scram before the game traffic lets out...

3. Ok punk, now scram!
by Pro-Nuke April 01, 2009
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To abort a nuclear reaction in an emergency. Originally, the fuel rods were held in place over a retardent material by ropes. In the event of an emergency, a guy with an axe stood at the ready to cut the ropes, dropping the fuel rods into the control material, thus halting the reaction. Acronym for Safety Cut-Rope Axe Man.
OMG d00d! t3h reactro is going to blwo up!!!!!1 SCRAM it!!!!!11~
by gandalph September 28, 2004
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slang for dinner/lunch
usully used in manchester
i had no breakfast so i need some scram man
by Daveish January 22, 2007
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the only word the Vermicious Knids know.
the Vermicious Knids are a bit like South Park's Timmy or every single Pokemon except Meowth and Mewtwo, except that they aren't named Scram.
by JohnnyLurg March 08, 2012
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