When you go to war with someone and decide that you do anything to win even if that means destroying your own resources so that they can't use them. It refers to the a strategy whereby a defensive retreating military will destroy the resources (food supply, bridges, water, power sources) to assure that the advancing opposing military cannot use them.
Scorched Earth policy: "If we go to war, I will use enact a scratched earth policy."
by Chereb September 22, 2018
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To make it a practice to refuse to give oral sex to all women who do not completely shave, wax, or through some other manner remove all of their pubic hair.
"Jill wanted me to go down on her but she had a landing strip down there and I have a strict Scorched Earth Policy"
by John September 16, 2004
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1. the process of hooking up and promptly/perpetually ignoring the existence of the other party at every opportunity. If the Earth is properly scorched, then he/she should get the impression the he/she simply does not exist to in any capacity. There is no acknowledged contact (eye or otherwise) of any kind, with the exception of a second hookup, which should be achieved with less than five words (or 10 minutes) of ballgame expended. Should this second hookup occur, all questions and comments are to be ignored. Should still more hookups occur, repeat process for desired effect
Meet John. Meet Jane. John fucked Jane, but has chosen to implement the Scorched Earth Policy. When Jane calls John, he does not answer. When Jane passes John on the way to class, John looks in every direction but hers. When Jane sends an angry email, John does not reply. When Jane attempts to confront John in any public space, he continues his conversation/puts on his headphones as if she were not there. Thus, the Earth has been Scorched.
by James November 17, 2004
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When someone, male or female, is dumped, scorned, or kicked to the curb by their significant other, they begin to fuck 'everything in sight' to get back at their ex.
Joe: "Dude, I saw your ex making out with the bouncer last night, then I saw them leave the bar together at 2am. I bet he tore that shit up last night"

Frank: ".... time for the Scorched Earth policy muthafuckas!!!!!"
by cagedape February 9, 2012
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