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Scoped, as in jacked, gacked, twacked, geeked, all cracker, and/or spun the fuck out on meth....
"Did y'all check that dude? Brah was hella gacked... Straight scoped the fuck out, fo sho."

Dude came at us all jacked up. Hadn't slept in almost a week. He all going off about how the Feds are following him or some crazy shite. He trying to sell some shitty $2 girls huffy he jacked from my neighbors little sister.... He's trying to get $60 for it, and I'm all, nah man... Take a nap, Brotha.... You're scoped out of ya fuckin mind, yo... On the reel... He all twitches and hobbles off, all muttering about aliens or some shisz.... Man, fuckin scoped out, scandalous-ass MF tweekers 'round here... That's shishz some straight up bullshet right there, dog. Fah real!"
by iCoinedThat1 January 12, 2017
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