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1) The act of getting a kill in Call of Duty or any First Person Shooter in epic form.
Getting a spinning headshot, a no scope headshot, a sliding knife kill, a random throwing knife kill across the map (as pertains to online video games).

"Dude, I just scomped that guy across the map with my throwing knife."

"Scomp! Another one bites the dust!"
"I got 24 scomps, 1 more and I get my KEM Strike"
by ScompGaming January 07, 2014
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An expression of cheer, a toast when parting. Usually with hand held high, holding a beer where available.
Well, I gotta go. Nice talkin' to you.
You too, scomps brother!
by Orion Parrott March 06, 2006
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The feeling gained and expression used when winning a big bet and/or the description of someone betting on an '"outsider". i.e "Chasing the scomp"
Bobby: "I cannot believe you are putting a tenner on the 33/1 shot, you are really chasing the scomp there, James"
James: "What a scomp! i am scomping all over the bookies!"
Bobby: "Boy! That was one hefty scomp! you are the scomp king"
by Gingeinc November 10, 2009
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word that means to snort adderrall or just adderrall in general made up at deerfield academy that sounds dumb as shit when you graduate and go to college where people will inevitably think youre even more of a tool
"yo bro if i bring like 3 cases and some scomp can i come hang out with you and the lax guys? my hot sister says shell come too if i can come, i can get some weed too if you guys want!"
by themainattraction November 27, 2011
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steal, usually while someone is in the room and not looking
"I scomped a sixpack from that party"
by Pandaemonium December 06, 2005
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