A Yiddish slur for against a black person. Something your aging racist Jewish grandparent might say.
Nu, so I heard they elected a schvartze for President.
by Moopsicle March 19, 2009
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1. (derogatory) Yiddish term for a black woman or girl (Schvartzer for a man or boy). Not so nasty as the 'n' word, but harsher than 'colored' or 'negro' in American English at the same time period (up through 1970's). Ironic also, since many Yiddish terms in Europe developed around maintaining privacy and concealing meaning from hostile non-Jewish German and Russian speakers, and many Yiddish speakers in the US through the 1960's believed black people, even the servants they employed, did not pick up on this.
Black maid picks up ringing telephone, New York City, ca. 1965: "Hello, Rubenfein residence."

Jewish woman of a certain age says: "Adele, is that you?"

The maid replies, "No. Mrs. Rubinfein is out, may I take a message?"

The other woman: "Who is this?!"

The maid again, weary: "This is the schvartze."

(True story, I knew all the parties involved, though I changed the names)
by googlyelmo November 12, 2013
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Slang taken from the Yiddish word for black, Schvartz usually refers to a person of African descent
I heard Jesse is dating a Schvartz
by crinjah December 10, 2009
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This is a German word for "Black".
Asking a waiter for a cup of Black Coffee in Germany you would say... "Cafe Schvartz" or "Black Coffee".
by IQ157 February 7, 2022
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