Someone who is a jerk and decides whether they were joking or not based on how people reacted.
He is such a Schrodinger's douchebag
by mememania November 29, 2020
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A person who makes a bad take and quickly backtracks on it because of backlash.
Person 1: Guys, I take that back, I've changed my mind.
Person 2: Yeah sure Schrodinger's douchebag, you just said that because people hated it.
by uo3rfhieufheufhieofjjwopel August 31, 2021
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A person who decides if they were being ironic or not base on how people react to it
That guy is a Schrodinger's douchebag
by Professional Jimmy June 10, 2023
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One who makes douchebag statements, particularly sexist, racist or otherwise bigoted ones, then decides whether they were “just joking” or dead serious based on whether other people in the group approve or not.
"Oh man women should just stay in the kitchen, it's the only place they're useful"
*with one group* "Haha just kidding, that's sexist"
*with anther* "lol amirite"
"You're a total schrodinger’s douchebag you know that right?"
by theoriginalspike October 24, 2013
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An individual, generally male, who says offensive things, either sexist, racist, or otherwise bigoted, and decides based on the reaction of those around them whether or not they were kidding.
by Cooper1988 May 28, 2020
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A person who says stupid stuff without thinking and backtrack, delete their tweet/comment or private when they get backlash.
Douchebag: u gotta be ill to read berserk. LIKE WHERE IS THE ENTERTAINMENT IN THIS
Guy: Your time for the 'shitty take to private account' speedrun was 49:43:00.00 could be better
Douchebag: i went priv to stop the quotes so my mutuals wouldn't have to see..but that didn't help
Everyone: Ok Schrodinger's Douchebag
by PomuHub March 12, 2022
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Someone sees Schrodinger's Douchebag on some tt slideshow, insta meme page, or anything else and assumes it's fake and posts it again. Or they just love reposting the same thing.
Post it three times, shame on no one. Post it five times, shame on you, ya Schrodinger's douchebag douche
by subway572572 October 28, 2023
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