A form of the government brainwashing children into learning useless info, and to show us how america is the greatest thing in life. The teachers are usually middle aged people who had no other choice, or old ass people who are nice. Next time you see that teacher walking down the hall way, tell them thanks. They get paid a small amount and do the same stuff over and over until retirment.

School is forced, so dont skip for more than 10 days. I was counted truant for missing 8 days. I begged them to fix it but NOPE! Anyways, it was solved:) So dont think about missing.

School means other kids are there, so that means friends. But there are people who have something going on to the point where they just HAVE to bully you.
Most kids are up for new friends, but some arent.

Girls. scary.
boys. Nasty.

which are both good, just be carefull around girls lol.
speaking of essays, you should invest your money into a fake hand, your real ones gonna fall off sooner or later.

and btw, dont walk into the middle school bathrooms during 5&6th period, because that "random condom" you saw in the trash was really a smuggle job. and oh yeah, that means kids fuck eachother. Well, they put it on and just kiss. yup. Well atleast in MY old middle school they did.
(joey) school
(bill) u mean hell?
by Kanye Breast June 15, 2017
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a place where they try to stuff un-important, useless information into your brain
he: i am sick of school
she: yeah they stuff all this information about health and sex education into my brain
by sugarpop515 September 26, 2011
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Did you know that school actually is the same as prison?

1) you may not leave the schools area. 2) you cannot have any weapons on you. 3) you are not allowed to use violence on anyone (not even the teacher) 4) you shall listen to the teacher. 5) you are stuck with the same people day in & day out.
"How was school today, honey?"

*whispering* "you mean prison right?"

"What? I could not hear you"
"It went fine"
by StephanieTheDictionary March 31, 2016
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a compulserary boring place where you learn loadsa "interesting" useless junk.
1+1=n+52 school is boring and stupid but you have to go.
by skool kid September 05, 2006
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The Place where every minor in the U.S never wants to go to, but is required by law to show up at a certain god-forsaken-hour. Also referred to as 'prison'.
Dude! I got to go to school!


You know that place we minors all have to go to that makes us up get up at 6 to waste 8 hours of our day learning shit we'll really never use.. or we'll forget?

Oh yeah... HAHA!!
by MusicIsLifeMD November 06, 2008
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