1. A place to have fun by destruction, causing pain, or correcting the dumb teachers.

2. A place of pure evil where you are embarressed, hurt, posined, and brainwashed.

3. See also: hell; concentration camp; heaven; getting fucked up; weenis; and gay

Someways to have fun at school:

1. Put a coin on top of a 9V battery, toss it into the hall when the bell rings.

2. Reprogram the computers.

3. put the SubSeven trojan in the computers and hack them.

4. become smarter than the teachers

...to be continued
School can be fun if you have the right tools.

School is HORRIBLE!!!
by HDR February 03, 2004
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Place where your parents expect you to eventually graduate from and if you don't they disown you and you end up working at 711 making no money and living off of TV dinners for the rest of your life because employers think you need a piece of paper to prove that you learned stuff in school. You spend 20% of your life in school re-learning the same BS over and over again until you think that the only time you'd actually use math is to calculate the number of bullets you'd put through your head to get yourself out of this nightmarish hellhole of an existence.
Bobby got a B- on a paper in school so his dad beat him with a rod.
by UpperGreens September 03, 2007
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Institution where a child is sent at a young age to be stripped of his individuality and turned into an obedient soul-dead conformist member of the consumer culture.

School uniforms are actually being implemented in some areas, because it's not enough that children must all think alike. They must also all look alike.
School and the education system need to be completely rethought.
by NOXBC9701040 March 18, 2009
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1. a place for teaching and learning (according to the dictionary and the govt.)
2. a living hell full of social humiliation, govt. control, forcibly conformist ways of thinking and rules that every person ages 4-18 is forced to attend because supposedly they're too stupid to think for themselves or do anything right, and will supposedly wreak havoc throughout the country if allowed to do anything during the day.
3. see prison
School is an excuse for the govt. to use mind control on the world's youth.
by Dominica August 17, 2007
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A place where all traces of creativity and independent thought of children are destroyed in order to turn them into cold, bitter adults working minimum wage because they spent too much of their youth trying to enjoy life instead of tediously studying subjects that they will not remember by the age of 21. If any child refuses to do the work and/or go to school, their parent/guardian is punished for it and the child is labeled with some sort of psychiatric disorder which may or may not be present. The schedule is ingeniously designed to slowly force kids to wake up earlier and earlier as they grow older to deteriorate their physical and mental health to the point where they cannot even concentrate on the work given to them to ensure that they will do poorly on tests and have to repeat the same courses. There is usually a long, useless paper assigned in at least two classes at a time throughout the school year along with daily homework to keep the students working at home to make sure that they will not have any personal life whatsoever. These said papers usually involve doing tons of research on an inflexible subject that require the gathering of large amounts of facts that have already been collected by scientists in the past. These papers must have very specific citations. If one period, comma, or letter is missing in a citation, the paper will receive a 0% regardless of content.

In other words, torture.
Student A: I hate school.

Student B: Yeah, what time is it? I want to get out of here so I can do something productive that I actually care about.
by ASAFdfasfsaasd February 22, 2010
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hell for kids/teenagers/living things while they are still alive( thats wrong, aint it??? )
school is pointless, and sucks ass, wtf?
by FEDERICO November 18, 2004
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