a piece of shit. The router is a total trash can which someone has previously shat in.
Person 1: School wifi is shit!
Person 2: True
by TheExtremeEvoker September 7, 2018
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Shit wifi which gets progressively shittier every year. They have a 10 year contract and have no intention to replace it. Whenever school tries to work on their wifi (to block sites like Snapchat and Twitter, the only thing they will ever bother to do), their wifi gets shittier.

The school I went to actually had decent wifi the first year I went there. Until the second year, they started blocking EVERYTHING. Not just porn, EVERYTHING. They had a fucking whitelist system to block. That block slows everything down, and since everyone is using VPN, the wifi is even slower.

Just block the porn sites. Nobody will watch porn at school. And since everyone is going to go on VPN anyway, just remove the damn block.
Me during the first year: The school wifi isn't so bad! I can actually tolerate it!

Me during the second year: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!
by TheExtremeEvoker February 28, 2019
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a Hell hole wifi made by Hellhole (see School) that blocks anything including some websites that aren't inappropiate!
I hate School Wifi, they blocked me from downloading an app or watching videos elsewhere besides Youtube
by You are a Idiot June 15, 2017
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A thing at school that blocks literally almost every website in the world including Urban Dictionary, DuckDuckGo, and some other stuff you probably shouldn't be on in school; but who cares, not me. I wrote this whole thing in 1st period.

It also makes class really boring if you wanna play games but they're blocked.
Omfg, the school wifi blocked Urban Dictionary and 123Movies!!!!!!!!111!1!!! TRIGGERED!!!!!!11!!!
by 0h? May 15, 2017
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A wifi router that is commonly used by schools and is terrible to the point of being useless and hated
Person 1: my wifi is so bad
Person 2: be glad its not school wifi
by *eats shit*yum November 17, 2020
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That worst fucking wifi in the literal Galaxy. They block every fucking website one would possibly want to access. They fucking blocked classic.minecraft.net Who does that????? I think I am going to sue.
"You know Lincoln Park's School Wifi?"
"You mean a literal shit-bag?"
by lmaoPheonix May 20, 2019
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