Like any Dance, this is a time where it is acceptable for 13 year olds girls to dress as whores, and for boys to get away with sexual harassment. The only difference with a School Dance is, Your perverted teachers get to watch you "pop lock and drop it"
Girl #1 : Did you go to the School Dance on friday?
Girl #2 : Yah, Brad had his hands right up my skirt!
by Teleport5 March 31, 2009
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A time where obnoxious high school students dance to shitty mainstream hip hop and dance music. The worst part is slow dancing, when sex-crazed couples dance to shitty slow love songs
Fuck the school dance, I'm going to the club where the real fun is.
by KopyKatH20 October 03, 2015
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A non-drinking non-smoking dance that people who never get any action go to. People think there hardcore when they "grind" but really arent. At our school (dss) its overpacked with wimpy techno playing. Girls dress up like sluts and guys think theyre pimps. Its a overall bad experience I just call up my gf and have some fun with her.
Guy: Aw man i grinded with this hot babe at the school dance!
Me: Think ur pretty hardcore then do you? So I take it thats the farthest uve been with a girl then.
Guy: (sighs) yup.
Me: Dude next time go to a party and get drunk be a normal teen.
Guy: Yeah alright.
by Yrrep April 19, 2006
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An excuse for teenagers to get together, while taking drugs and alcohol, and sexually frustrate each other.
See Clusterfuck
If someone at school isn't in rough shape the day after the school dance, then they obviously werent at the school dance.
by Sir_real February 09, 2008
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Stupid Room filled with shitty music , people you hate , girls trying to look like whores and sweat.
the school dance blows
by samuek January 26, 2005
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An event at your local school that (in the school staff's opinion) "will allow students to kick back and have fun with friends". Basically, what a school dance consists of is a live DJ playing pop and hip-hop (very unsettling for a rock fan), teachers, and of course, the students all dancing away at a large area at school. They're all supposed to have fun, right?

...No, not really. In my case, the school had us sign a "Behavior Agreement Form", which restricts you from holding hands with others, forming mosh pits, and all that good stuff that goes in a dance. AUTOMATIC DOUCHINESS. That's probably what my classmates thought, so very few people ever show up to the dance. Last year, roughly 100 students showed up out of the 1260 in the 6th & 7th grades. This year, only 3 people out of the 540 8th graders showed up, and the dance was instantly canceled.
The moral of the story? If your school makes you sign a douchy behavior agreement form for a school dance, it's automatically shitty. Don't go.
by Mayu Mizuki <3 October 11, 2009
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a place to grind with your class mates.
girl - omg im so excited for the school dance tonight. im going to dress so sluty & grind on guys.
by slut. :] August 23, 2008
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