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A breed of dog, half pug, half schnauzer. Perhaps one of the cutest and loveable dogs you will ever meet.
Guy 1: Dude, what kind of dog is that?
Guy 2: It's a schnug.
Guy 1: That's a really cute fucking dog.
by SchnugMom March 12, 2010
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In the dictionary of weed, the term"schwag" is used to describe very impotent, basically any shitty(literally) strand of weed, which obviously costs little money. "Nug/nuggets," on the other hand, are strands that are very sticky, fresh, tasty, and very potent, which costs a lot of money(most of the time). Potheads and some occasional smokers like to buy a small amount of nug, and mix it with a lot of schwag, or in other cases, 1/2 and 1/2, or any other ratio for that matter. They do this either to save some nug for later, or to make it look like they have a lot of decent weed since this mix will get you high anyway. What do you get when you mix schwag and nug? Schnug!
Wesley: Yo, i got some dank nug.
Lloyd: Wanna match? I'll throw down $5 and put in all of my schwag to mix.
Wesley: Yeah man, I love smoking schnug.

Oliver: Yo, you down to smoke like a blunt or two of my schnug?
Johnson: How much?
Oliver: None man, I had little nug left, so most of it is schwag anyway.
Johnson: sweet, free smoke up.

Jimmy: Dude, let me get some weed off you, I know you got nug too.
Gary: Na man, I started runnin out so I mixed the rest with some brick.
Jimmy: Let me get it.
Gary: I'll sell you a 16th for $25, it's some gooood schnug.
Jimmy: All right.
Gary: (Dumbass)
by gookman June 17, 2009
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the ab. of "schnuggle with"
Essentially to cuddle/hug in an affectionate but cute way.
The only thing appropriate to do with AmazingPhil
"I want to schnug Phil so bad"
by ImNotPosh March 05, 2013
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Schnug. The most comfortable you'll ever be. Like snug but even more acquainting.
"Hey Clarice? Wanna go to the oxford in our onesies?"

"Yeah cool, we'll be so schnug"
by FattestBastardEver November 18, 2016
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