A German word meaning quick or fast said by a crazy medium junkie who smashed a snow globe on his head in a doctors office and did not ask for cilantro.
by Rozzy mikes April 11, 2019
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You say this when you only have THIRTY SECONDS. Or when you want someone to follow you.

What is Schnell? Schnell is not something that can be observed. It is something that can only exist in the metaphysical sense and therefore it takes no physical form. It is all around us and yet no where at all. It is possible to respect the Schnell and imagine the Schnell, but to hold a view of it is impossible in the schnellest sense of the word. Your strength and in this sense, Schnell, flows from the Schnell. As with your life force and soul. The song called 'I'm Blue' was originally supposed to be called 'I'm Schnell,' but the objective was not defended. The objective holds the blueprints and all you need to know about the Schnell. The objective was written many eons ago by my imagination, and by the power of Schnell, the power God, who is of Schnell, used to create us and everything.
a) We have thirty seconds! Schnell, SCHNELL!!!
b) Follow me! Schnell!
c) The Schnell will be with you. Always.
by DarthSchnell November 22, 2012
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A surname originating from Germany, now covers United States of America, New Zealand and Australia (and possibly many more)
Schnell means Fast in German
by fastgirl83 November 29, 2011
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German for 'fast'. When you want something to be done quickly u use the word 'SCHNELL'. It is not intended as a german war joke; but because the german language is so powerfull (rammstein) and direct.

schnell is pronounced as: sjnell...
> I have to get my camera before we go
< Okey, but make it schnell

by BadgerX October 24, 2005
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A tall, weird, smart and very beautiful girl. Schnelle is the girl everybody wants to hang out with. She can be really nice, but when made mad, she can be really snappy.
by Schnelle November 13, 2017
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When you shit and cum consecutively or at the same time
Person 1: wow i feel really gay after that shit

Person 2: oh did you pull a Dave Schnell
Person 1: how did you know
by David Schnell March 14, 2019
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